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Unformatted text preview: Gender & Sex For Tuesday, • Two readings on Privacy – Ch.18 on SNS & Surveillance – boyd & Hargi?ai on Facebook 2 Gender, Sex & Performance • Performance of sexuality – Men on blogs: • Filter more than women • Share informaHon, provide links, opinions more than women • Men use facts and less emoHon – Women on blogs: • Write journal blogs / diary blogs • “enact their femininity” • Share, create and maintain relaHonships – Women’s movements on blogs, female empowerment 3 Signaling Theory 4 Genderbending • Gaming – Up to 85% of women avatars are actually men, according to some • Chatrooms – 2003 Survey - 28% report genderbending (Samp et al., 2003) • Performance can “out” genderbenders – Language 5 Genderbending 6 Genderbending: abbysomeone 7 Genderbending - Mo>va>ons Even though I'm a red- blooded male who has never once tried on mother's heels or my girlfriend's underthings, ten Hmes out of ten, I'm going with the female avatar in a video game—if given the chance. Why? Simple really. If I'm going to look at a character for ten to forty hours (or a hundred, as I did in Phantasy Star Online), it had be?er be something I'm fond of looking at. (It's not that uncommon for me to have spent 2 or more hours designing my perfect fake female. I'm picky!) - Michael "Yumi" McWhertor 8 Genderbending - Mo>va>ons 9 Genderbending - Mo>va>ons From Penny Arcade (cc) 2011: 10 Genderbending - Mo>va>ons • A?enHon- seeking behavior (men) • ExperimentaHon with gendered norms • Gamers – gaming strategy – females; less harassment as men 11 Cybersex • Physical inHmacy... mediated – Not just inHmacy; romances and affairs as well • Gibbs, Ellison & Heino (2006) – Outlet for deviant behaviors • Lying / decepHon is frequent – ACE - anonymity, convenience & escape 12 Effects of Gender: Credibility (Flanagin & Metzger, 2003) • Components of credibility – source credibility – message credibility • Study looked at site; creator; message • Findings – – – – Sex- imbalanced culture Sex similarity Sex and message congruence Social desirability 13 ...
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