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Unformatted text preview: Message Design for Public Message Design for Public Relations & Organizational Communication Brochures & Other Information Pieces Brochures Brochures • Arouse interest • Answer questions • Provide sources for more information • Serve as support pieces • Short, tight copy • Fit copy to design or vice versa • Portable Planning the Brochure Planning the Brochure • Intended audience/s? • Objective: to inform or to persuade? • Is a brochure the best medium? • What resources do I have: budget, time, skills? The Audience/s The Audience/s • Specialized or general? • Persuasive? • Informative? • State the audience action required • Durability vs. disposability Brochure Format Brochure Format • Typically 6 panels of a folded 8 ½” x 11” sheet • Chronological text doesn’t work well in brochure format • Think in terms of blocks/chunks of information • Q & A format • FAQ format • Problem­solution • Numbered formats Positioning Your Brochure Positioning Your Brochure • Must be consistent with other related information pieces in style. • Must adhere to other branding elements: font, colors, paper choice, design treatment • Shorter copy is best • Adequate white space still needed for design effectiveness Presenting the Information Presenting the Information • Via six panels • Front panel & final panel: design implications • Each panel somewhat self contained • Front panel/cover must draw readers in via arresting headline and graphic element • Use direct headlines for front panel Panel 2 • First of the inside spread: the logical start • Builds interest • Refers to the title • Try to keep all related copy on one panel Panel 3 to 4 Panel 3 to 4 • The main body of the brochure • Can work together as related text • Can be treated as two discrete panels Panel 5 & 6 Panel 5 & 6 Panel 5 • May form part of the other panels • May be a teaser for the inside content Panel 6: outside back cover • Mailing or other contact information Flyers Flyers • Flexible • Single sheet: one or two –sided • Akin to a print ad • Inexpensive • Disposable Other Considerations Other Considerations • The panels must be folded to present the information logically • Use crossheads or subheads • Use shot blocks of text/paragraphs & related photos or illustrations • Allow for white space which increases readability Other Information Pieces Other Information Pieces Posters • Larger, more expensive version of a flyer • Very costly • Not as heavily used in public relations Booklets • Special purpose • Tight copy ...
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