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Women’s Health Box 123 New York, NY 10001 Contact: Jaclyn Orlansky Day Phone: (732) 446-8827 Night Phone: (908) 415-2303 For Release March 8 or Thereafter THE BEAUTY PREMIUM New York, NY: March 8, 2011 --- Human resource managers are more likely to hire attractive men and women than their experienced and less attractive counterparts. Being an educated and experienced individual in the business world isn’t enough to get a job in 2010; one must be attractive as well. NEWSWEEEK magazine surveyed 202 corporate hiring mangers, 57 percent of whom reported qualified but unattractive candidates are likely to have a harder time landing a job. Hiring managers ranked looks at number 3 and education at number 4 on a list of 9 important character traits for potential employees. More than half of these managers advised people to spend as much time and money on looking attractive as they do on perfecting their resumes. This means that men and women who are interviewed by these managers have a 50 percent chance of getting hired based on their looks, regardless of
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Jaclyn+Orlansky+beauty+Assignment+2 - Womens Health Box 123...

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