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1 Macy’s INC: Excellence 150 Years in the Making Description of Organization. Macy’s INC. is one of the nation’s premier retailers and has been serving to public for decades. The company offers a wide variety of retail choices, such as mid-to-high end Macy’s and, and high-end Bloomingdales. The Macy’s department store, in addition to retail, offers quality products in house wear, bedding, and décor. Macy’s INC continues to succeed by adapting to the new demands of an ever-changing society. By providing top-of-the-line service and meeting the needs of customers, Macy’s INC has grown to be one of the nation’s most successful and respected retail companies. Statement of Situation. Macy’s INC has experienced the full force of the economy’s recession and has had a significant downturn in net income in 2009. This financial loss was the result of the public conserving their income and gravitating towards discount stores. During these difficult economic times, the company understands that most people cannot afford the same level of merchandise as before. As a result, management plans to change their business strategy. An integrated marketing campaign will be instituted to accommodate customer needs in the changing society while winning back the previous level of business. Key Publics. 1. Employees. Employees are the most important key public an organization can have. In order for a campaign to be successful, the employees must be the first on board. These are the individuals that most likely work closely with the customers and have the biggest influences on their beliefs. Until all of the employees accept the image a company is trying to portray, a campaign cannot succeed. Macy’s INC must work with the employees, explain the plan, and make sure that it is fully supported. 2. Customers. Macy’s INC has a vast array of customers, all with their own opinions and beliefs. In order to effectively execute tactics, the customer base much be segmented into manageable categories. a. Frequent customers of Macy’s INC. These are the customers that have remained loyal throughout the difficult economic times. They do not need to be influenced to return to Macy’s INC, but they do need to know that their business is appreciated and Macy’s INC acknowledges their loyalty to the company. b. Past customers of Macy’s INC. These are the customers that have strayed from Macy’s INC during the economic downturn. Past customers are the individuals that the company is trying to win back. The new strategy will show past customers that Macy’s INC understands that these are difficult times and they will do everything in their power to make their products affordable. c.
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Macys+PR+program - 1 Macys INC Excellence 150 Years in the...

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