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Unformatted text preview: Message Design for Public Message Design for Public Relations & Organizational Communication Media Relations and Placement Public Relations & Journalism Public Relations & Journalism An uneasy alliance News Defined News Defined • Consequence ( relevant to audience?) • Interest (unusual, entertaining, bizarre?) • Timeliness (current?) • Proximity ( close to home) • Prominence (celebrity, VIP factor as defined by the media) News Defined News Defined • Hard news news people need perishable major dailies • Soft news news people want, nice to know, has longer life weekly news magazines Learn the Media Trade Learn the Media Trade • Understand the journalists’ job • Ask for guidelines for news releases, op eds, editorial letters • Visit media centers on line for news outlets • Know their circulation #s Build Rapport with Journalists Build Rapport with Journalists • Learn journalists’ names • Develop a relationship with specific journalists covering your sector: phone them; keep it brief • Be accessible to them • Develop mailing lists of journalists and update them continuously • Accept that they are wary of p.r people • Don’t buy them lunch or give them gifts Creating a Professional Creating a Professional Relationship with the Media • Honesty, always • Establish ground rules: everything is on the record don’t use sources you can’t quote • Return a reporter's calls • Give the media what they want, not your agenda Creating a Professional Creating a Professional Relationship with the Media • Don’t send a daily blizzard of releases • Assume reporters trust you • Don’t intimidate reporters • Don’t follow up on your stories: reporters hate that • If you want editorial control, buy an advertorial or an ad • Educate your managers about this: organize media training for your managers/clients periodically Media Interviews Media Interviews • Everything is on the record • Provide background • Know the topic • Plan for difficult questions: Formulate a range of possible answers Develop scenarios beforehand Prepare your company or client reps. Media Interviews Media Interviews • Don’t’ contradict the public record • Always be honest: • • no half truths no obfuscation no digressions no red herrings no avoidance If you can’t be honest, don’t have the interview It’s OK to say “I/We don’t know, but we’ll get back to you” Media Interviews Media Interviews • You or your spokesperson must Stay calm Look professional Offer help and follow up if needed and do it • Correcting errors Be diplomatic Ask for a correction Write the editor with the correction Media Placement Media Placement Options Local radio Network TV Network TV Trade For profit For profit local newspapers Public Public Associations affiliates broadcasting broadcasting Local news­ Cable TV local papers national Campus National newspapers daily papers Business sectors Internet daily paper sites: local/nat. Trade pubs. Specialty magazines consumer Social networking sites Media Placement Media Placement • Media directories: Bacons PR and Media Info. Systems series Burrelle’s Media Directory ( Editor & Publisher ( Media Placement Media Placement • Media Lists • Create in Excel and update monthly Media Lists Media Lists Org. name Editor Address Tel/Fax Email Other info. (slant, issue area, beat reporter ect) Media Selection & Placement Media Selection & Placement • Depends on your target audience • What are their media use patterns? • Visit media outlet sites for research data on circulation and audience profiles • Examine the media org. before placement: watch their programs, read their publications, listen to their shows The Placement Process The Placement Process • Email primarily: cheap, quick • Less so for fax ...
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