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Rutgers University Name ______________________ Message Design for Public Relations Final Exam: May 3, 2011 (15% of final course grade) This exam covers chapters 7, 8, 10 and 11 from the Bivens text, along with the Power Point class presentations after the mid term quiz. Please read the instructions very carefully about whether you should select one choice or all that you think apply. 1. Newsletters are popular in organizations because they are (select one ) The best example of horizontal communication The most effective way to reach a primarily internal audience Written using company jargon 2. Newsletters in organizations are a good example of (select one ) Downward communication only Downward and some upward communication Horizontal communication only None of the above 3. Newsletters in organizations are produced generally but not universally to be (select one) An organization’s financial record Examples of graphic art Disposable 4. What is the general breakdown of content of an organizational newsletter? % % % % 5. How does feature style of writing differ from news writing? ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________. 6. Which of these techniques are commonly used when writing features? (Select all that apply) Leading with a quote Leading with a metaphor or simile Leading with a caption 1
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Leading with an anecdote 7. Name two principles of design:__________________________ and _______________________________________ 8. Good design _______________ whereas bad design ________________________ 9. Which of the following are design elements? ( select all that apply ) Lines and borders Photos Typos Colors and tints 10. One way to increase readability of a printed publication is to ( select all that apply ) Use a lot of text Have enough white space Use serif type for body copy Use cross heads or sub heads Use text in all capitals 11. White space is important in design because _______________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 12. Why is it beneficial for a p.r. practitioner to understand publication design? ( select one ) Helps you to be a team player Helps you to work effectively with graphic designers and printers 13. For profit organizations must produce annual reports because (select one ) They are a media requirement They are a legal requirement They are a production requirement 14. What piece of information must a for profit organization’s annual report contain? (Select one ) Employee numbers Financial statements and review for past 2 years 2
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Message+Design+final+exam+May+3+2011 - Rutgers University...

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