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Unformatted text preview: Message Design for Public Message Design for Public Relations & Organizational Communication Planning and Research The Elements The Elements • Issue statement • Research: primary or secondary • Know your target audience • Setting objectives • Evaluation • Timeline • Budget Issue Statement Issue Statement • Situation analysis • What is the problem? • Who is affected? • What is the timing? • What are your organization’s strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats? (SWOT analysis) Research: Primary Research: Primary • Prepare a direction sheet • Research you do yourself from scratch – about the issue – about the audience • By way of: – Surveys using appropriate sampling methods – Focus groups Research: Secondary Research: Secondary • Consulting other documented sources: – Library – Databases – Internet – Previously published data Your Target Audience Your Target Audience • Who are they: primary vs. secondary? • What are their demographic characteristics? • Where are they? • Whose knowledge, attitudes and practices must be influenced or changed? • Are there other influences on your audiences? • Their attitudes, level of knowledge re your issue, barriers Setting Objectives Setting Objectives • Informational • Attitudinal • Behavioral Objectives should be: • Specific • Manageable and measurable • Realistic Evaluation Evaluation • What actually happened? • Did your program have an impact? • If it did, why? • If it didn’t, why not? • Use research methods to evaluate the results • Wee there any unexpected outcomes? (Mobile phones in science museums: visitors taking photos at exhibits) Timeline Timeline • Item • Responsibility • Deadline • Start from your end date and work backwards Budget Budget • Must relate to your program objectives Budget Budget • By the hour & skill level $75 ­ $200 • By the project • By monthly retainer • List all the project components • Determine # of hours for each component • Include out­of­pocket costs • Include production and vendor costs • Include contingencies ...
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