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Communication and Popular Culture Fall 2009 Exam II Review Sheet This review sheet is intended as a guide and is not a comprehensive list of every concept we covered in class or in the readings. Popular Music The emergence of popular music through cultural commodity selection Popular music as a mass culture commodity Adorno and popular music Walter Benjamin Rock Music Rock vs. Rock and Roll Rock Roots Rock and Mass Culture Authenticity Rock Ideologies Popular Music Meanings Major Labels vs. Minor Labels vs. Independent Labels/Home Recording Music Authorship Artists Record Executives A&R People Managers Producers Engineers Session Musicians Publicists The Old Model vs. the New Model Live vs. Recorded Music Source Message Receiver Channel Feedback Barriers Context The Big Lebowski – The Man for His Time
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The Big Lebowski Plot The Big Lebowski as an example of the detective film genre The Dude as an Anti-Hero The significance of The Big Lebowski as a cultural text The Big Lebowski as an example of Carnival
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Communication+and+Popular+Culture+Exam+2+review -...

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