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APA+Style+Guide - (2 446-460 Article published in an online...

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APA Style Guide 1 APA Style Guide All papers should have in-paper references (as necessary) and a reference page completed in APA style. Use the examples below as a guide to citations. Reference Page Reference page should have all sources (both from class and outside sources) listed in alphabetical order with all but the first line tabbed in to .5 inches. The reference page should be at the end of the paper and does not count as part of the page limit. Article with One Author: Aldridge, M. (2004). Rethinking the concept of professionalism: the case of journalism. British Journal of Sociology , 54 (4) , 547-564. Article with Multiple Authors: Alba, R., Logan, J., Stults, B., Marzan, G., & Zhang, W. (1999). Immigrant groups in the suburbs: A reexamination of suburbanization and spatial assimilation. American Sociological Review 64
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Unformatted text preview: (2), 446-460. Article published in an online journal: Akst, D. (2003). New Americans fresh off the presses. Carnegie Reporter , 2 (2). Retrieved on September 15, 2006 from http://www.carnegie.org/reporter/06/americans/index.html. Class Lecture: Katz, V. (Feb 2, 2010). Comm. 539 lecture. In Text References: In-text references should have the names of authors and the year of publication, as follows: Article with One Author : (Aldridge, 2004) Article with Multiple Authors : (Alba, Logan, Stults, Marzan & Zhang, 1999). Class Lecture : (Comm 539 lecture, Feb 2, 2010) If you are including a direct quote from an article: Page number should be included after the year in parentheses, for example: (Aldridge, 2004, p. 35). If the quoted material covers more than one page: (Aldridge, 2004, pp. 35-36)....
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