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C OMM 300: C OMMUNICATION R ESEARCH Exam 2 NOTE: This review sheet is meant to guide you as to the main concepts/terms that will be covered in the exam, but is by no means exhaustive. Make sure you are prepared to be tested on all materials covered in lecture and all main concepts and ideas from the assigned readings, even if they were not covered in class. How we measure ( ) Definition of measurement 3 types of measurement Conceptual, nominal and operational definitions of constructs Why definitions matter (Wilkins)
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Unformatted text preview: ▪ Attributes & variables ▪ Research questions vs. hypotheses Logic of sampling ( Babbie, Ch. 7; Wilkins, Ch. 4 & corresponding lectures ) ▪ Population, census & sample ▪ Sampling error & representativeness ▪ Relationship between sampling & generalizability ▪ Types of probability & non-probability sampling & times when they are appropriate ▪ Vulnerable populations for sampling (Wilkins) ▪ Sample limitations (Wilkins) ▪ Marriage in America case study (Luscombe article) Implementing research ( Wilkins, Ch 6 ) ▪ How data are gathered ▪ How researchers gain access ▪ How observations are documented ▪ Why research implementation matters...
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