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C OMM 300: C OMMUNICATION R ESEARCH Exam 3 NOTE: This review sheet lists ALL the material from class and the readings that you will be responsible for on this exam. If it is not on here—don’t worry about it! If it is on here, make sure you know it well. How we ask questions: Surveys ( Babbie, Ch. 9 & sections of Ch. 4 & 6 ) Units of analysis: different kinds and why they matter Different types of survey, and their strengths, weaknesses & differences “Dos & Don’ts” of asking questions Measurement methods: Self-report, other report & behavioral observation, and strengths and weaknesses of each Question formats: funnel, inverted funnel, contingency formats Ordering effects Cross-sectional vs. longitudinal studies (types: trend, cohort, panel, and their characteristics) Review the differences between nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio levels of measurement (you will not be tested on them directly, but they may be used in the questions you are asked, so make sure you know the differences) How do you design good research? Making valid claims and addressing threats to validity
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