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Development of Sociological Theory Manjusha Nair Key Points: Formal sociology sociation “the stranger” Brief biography of Georg Simmel Born in Berlin, Germany, in 1858 Studied history and philosophy Remained an academic outsider despite his popularity and international fame Brilliant rhetorical and dialectical skills Prolific writer: over 200 articles and 20 books His influence has been diffuse but profound Died in 1918 General comments about Simmel Often seen as one of the most creative early modern/late classical social theorists. A formalist, trying to identify key aspects of social life that were based on formal regularities E.g., expansion of group size, difference between dyad and a triad, maximum size of a sustainable group, etc. Within this formalism, however, his work covers lots of ground based on ideas, relations, production and so forth. This contrasts with approaches that focus on a particular social problem or topic area, or a single method of approach. How is society possible?
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SimmelJuly14Stranger+outline - Development of Sociological...

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