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01:563:201 – 01:506:271 – 01:685:208 Jewish Society and Culture I Study Guide – Exam One Fall 2009 CP, 4 – Outline of Israelite History, through 333 B.C.E. – including especially key dates such as 1000 for David, 586 for destruction of Jerusalem. CP, 5-13, 31 – Maps (general knowledge – not details) CP, 32-38 – similarity of elliptical sites in the Early Iron Age to bedouin encampments still visible today; concentration of these sites in the central hill country; burgeoning of number of sites from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age (as per chart on p. 38); lack of pig bones at these sites (as per chart on p. 38); the larger picture: there may not have been much of a “conquest” as per the book of Joshua, because there was no one in the area to conquer, it may have been more of a peaceful settlement or peaceful infiltration into the area. The four topographical regions of the land of Canaan, from east to west: the coastal plain, the mountain spine, the Jordan valley, the trans-Jordanian plateau. For this you will need to consult the maps in the Powerpoint shows, which show terrain. CP, 16-20, 22-23 – the wealth of Egyptian documents that provide indirect evidence for the historicity of the Israelites in Egypt; the only direct reference is “Israel” in the Merneptah Stele; evidence for the conclusion that not all of the
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JCS1+FA+09+study+guide+1 - 01:563:201 01:506:271 01:685:208...

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