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01:563:201 – 01:506:271 – 01:685:208 Jewish Society and Culture I Study Guide – Exam Three Fall 2009 Readings: Efron, pp. 75-91 – Zealots, First Revolt, Second Revolt, early Christianity Efron, chapter 5 – Rabbinic Judaism Efron, chapter 6 – Jews under Islam Efron, chapter 7 – Jews under Christendom Fine, “Synagogue” (Sakai 08) Levine, “Synagogue” (Sakai 09) Geller, “Karaites” (Sakai 10) Somekh, “Jews under Islam” (Sakai 11) Online Course: Yadin, “Introduction to Rabbinic Literature” Course Packet, Part Two: CP, 29-30 – Legal issues separating Qumran sect from their opponents, as seen in the Temple Scroll and the MMT text. CP, 31 – Pesher Habakkuk texts CP, 35 – Essenes-DSS-Christianity chart, especially as updated and sent to you as an attachment in advance of Exam Two 1
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CP. 36-37 – Matthew 1 CP, 38 – Josephus on Jesus CP, 39 – map of synagogues in the Land of Israel CP, 40-41 – Rabbinic Corpus of Texts (know the key terms: Tannaim, Amoraim, Mishna, Talmud, Midrash, Halakha, Aggada – see also Efron, p. 113)
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JCS1+FA+09+study+guide+3 - 01:563:201 01:506:271 01:685:208...

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