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STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS -- SGQ IBUS 330 SPRING 2011 Chapter Two Part A:  Culture – Week One Instructions:   On pages 118-127 of your workbook you will find spaces to answer the  set of ten Study Guide Questions (SGQs) from Chapter 2A. For SGQs 1-4:  On page 68 of your workbook, enter the third website on International  Business, Etiquette, and Manners.   From the left-hand column just under “About Us”  enter the section on “Intercultural Effectiveness.”   From there choose the section on  “What is Culture.” Read those two paragraphs and be able to answer any questions  asked on them on the SGQ quiz.   For SGQ One, write down in your workbook  why culture is vital . For SGQ Two, write down   what we are unconscious of   regarding culture, despite its  importance. SGQ Three:  Also from the website on “Intercultural Effectiveness” above, click into the 
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Unformatted text preview: second option What is Intercultural Effectiveness write down in your workbook the three attributes of an interculturally effective person . SGQ Four: From the very same section above, write down what the goal of intercultural effectiveness is. SGQ Five, Six and Seven: What are the three kinds of attitudes highlighted in this weeks lecture? SGQ Eight: What is the difference between a value and an attitude ? SGQ Nine: What is the key element in Dr. Nicholsons model of cross-cultural effectiveness which can increase the potential for better outcomes in cross-cultural interaction? Briefly state how it can increase this potential. SGQ Ten: Diagram Dr. Nicholsons model of cross-cultural effectiveness . Be able to identify the major elements on the SGQ quiz....
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