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Chapter 5 SGQ - 7 Define “fully integrated value added...

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Study Guide Questions for Chapter 5: Theories of Trade and International Investment 1. Define mercantilism 2. Define the principle of Absolute Advantage and name its author, the book he wrote about it, and the year it was published 3. Define the principle of Comparative Advantage and name its original author, the book he wrote about it and the year it was published 4. Describe New Trade Theory 5. Explain economies of scale 6. What is rationalization of the Value Added Chain?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Define “fully integrated value added chain” 8. Briefly define the International Product Life Cycle 9. What element did John Dunning add to the Porter Diamond? 10. On your stretch-out question, diagram the Porter Diamond. Think about what you are doing. Then add Dunning’s additions to the model and think about them while you do. Answer one question: What does the Porter Diamond seek to explain?...
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