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SGQS FOR CHAPTER SEVEN – SPRING 2011 GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION IN TRADE AND INVESTMENT Enter the first website on page 301 of your workbook. On the menu at the far right go to “Find Your Country” and type in the name of the country we are highlighting this week in the cultural windows. Click “Go” and read the couple of pages there, using them to answer the following six questions (1-6). Questions 7-10 are not related to the website. 1. In the first paragraph, what is said about the country’s overall economic freedom score? Where does it rank among the 29 countries in the South and Central America/Caribbean region? 2. In the second (and fourth) paragraph(s), what kind of economy is described? What accounts for more than 80% of the labor force? What comments are made about the efficiency of this economy? 3. From the third paragraph, what problems do entrepreneurs face in this country? 4. From the fourth paragraph (Background) which foreign leader now provides external assistance and in what form? What is the other form of external funds mentioned?
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