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SGQS for CHAPTER 12: International Human Resource Management Spring Semester, 2011 1. Why are people among an internationalizing firm’s most valuable, important assets? 2. According the lecture on International Human Resource Management, what are the three kinds of employee classifications a firm can use to staff positions around the world to run its value added chains? Briefly define each. 3. Define Expatriation. 4. Repatriation.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What is the relationship between Expatriate Training rigor and Cultural Distance? 6. What is culture shock? 7. What is reverse culture shock? 8. What is cross-cultural accommodation (acculturation)? 9. How can cross-cultural training help expatriates deal with culture shock? 10. Describe the process of transnational leader development through selection, training, expatriation and repatriation....
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