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How To Do Well in this Course – See How Others Have Faired in Previous Semesters by Keeping Up This is to give you an idea of what generally has happened in the past with grades. We have 800 students enrolled in the course. To give you an indication of the usual distribution of grades we have posted below the results from fall 2010. This is typical and this spring should be very similar. There are always more As and Bs than all other grades combined. The average course grade was a B- or just over 81%. The students who earn As and Bs follow along carefully and complete the assignments on time, including watching all the lectures. Regular, steady progress is a major key to doing well in the course. This includes spending quality time to read the chapters in the textbook. Native speakers of English who are A and B students overall will average about three hours per chapter at a minimum. Non-native speakers who are A and B students will spend double that time, around six hours per chapters. Keep in mind this is an upper division
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