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Unformatted text preview: When the Guns Roar… When the Guns Roar… The Six Day War (1967) And The Yom Kippur War (1973) Regional Developments Regional Developments (Results of the Sinai War and the Cold War): Egypt and Syria form the United Arab Republic (UAR), 2/1958 Coup d'état in Iraq, July 1958 Civil war in Lebanon. Marines intervene, July 1958 British Troops enter Jordan, July 1958 Moscow decides to finance the Aswan Dam in Egypt, Oct. 1958 Syria quits the UAR, September 1961 Civil War in Yemen. Egypt is heavily involved, September 1962 The first Arab Summit: the idea of forming the PLO, Jan. 1964 The Countdown to War The Countdown to War Jadid, the most radical of Arab leaders, encourages and sponsors daily raids of guerrillas into northern Israel Israeli­Syrian military clashes, April 1966­April 1967 Egypt and Syria sign a defense pact, November 4, 1966 Nasser demand UN forces to leave. The Gulf of Aqaba is closed to Israeli Shipping, May 22, 1967 Egypt and Jordan sign a defense pact, May 30, 1967 Arabs and Israel mobilize for War June 5, 1967: Israel launches a pre­emptive strike. The Six Day War begins The war lasts 6 days: from 5th until the 10th of June: Israel is in possession of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai desert and the Golan Heights. Cease­fire is requested the evening of June 10th. The Israeli Government Policy: Territories for Peace, August 9, 1967 The Palestinian­Israeli Conflict The Palestinian­Israeli Conflict Palestinian National Council Meeting. PLO Covenant is published July 16, 1968 The first PLO Plane Hijacking: El Al flight to Algeria July 23, 1968 For the next decade this has become the most recognizable MO of Radical Palestinians (especially the PFLP) Yasser Arafat is elected as the new leader of the PLO instead of the deposed Shuqairi February 1969 “The Black Day of Civil Aviation”: 5 planes are hijacked in 48 hours, September 6­7, 1970. 4 are landed in Jordan and blown up in front of the international Press Black September: King Hussein against the PLO, September 16­25, 1970. The militant Black September group if founded. The Jordanian Prime Minister Wasfi Tall is assassinated in Cairo by Black September November 28, 1971 The Munich Massacre: 11 Israeli Athletes are murdered in the Olympic games by Black September, September 5, 1972 Toward the Onset of Another War Toward the Onset of Another War The War of Attrition begins along the Suez Canal March, 1969 Golda Meir replaces the late Levi Eshkol as Israel’s Prime­ Minister. Appoints Moshe Dayan as her Minister of Security Diplomacy: Jarring’s mission and the Rogers Plan, June 1970 Nasser dies. Sadat becomes president of Egypt, Sept. 28, 1970 Assad assumes power in Syria, November 13, 1970 Sadat’s “Year of Decision”: initiates a diplomatic move which is rejected by Israel, 1971 Soviet­Egyptian Treaty of Friendship, May 27, 1971 followed by Nixon’s historic visit to Moscow Egypt expels Soviet advisors July 18, 1972 ...
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