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Unformatted text preview: The Aftermath of 1948 The The UN Resolution 194 (PCC) The Armistice Agreements (MAC’s) The Borders Unrest (infiltrations and retaliations) (infiltrations Arab Economic Boycott (January 1950) Arab Political Upheaval in the Arab World: Military coups in Syria Iraq and Lebanon Military King Abdullah of Jordan assassinated (July 1951) King An Officers Coup d'état in Egypt (July 1952) An The International Arena: The Bandung Conference (April 1955) (April The Baghdad Pact (October 1955) The The Suez Crisis, October 1956 The The US declines Nasser’s request for economic The and Military Aid (November 1954) and Nasser Turns to the Soviets for Help and signs Nasser Arms deal with Moscow (September 1955) Arms Nasser Nationalizes the Suez Canal (July 1956) Nasser Britain, France and Israel decide to Collaborate Britain, against Egypt- the Sinai War begins against Israel invades Sinai (October 29, 1956) Britain and France invade Egypt (November 5, 1956) Cease-fire under US mediation (November 7, 1956) Israel Withdraws from the Sinai and Egypt agrees to UN Deployment forces on the border with Israel THE CONFLICT TRIANGLE THE SITUATION BEHAVIOR ATTITUDE ATTITUDE The Battle of Narratives The Jews Palestinians repudiate Jewish rights and Palestinians thwart rebuilding Homeland thwart Arabs resort to wars and terrorism to expel Arabs the Jews the Arabs represent a savage culture and Arabs reject progress and modernity reject The intransigent Arab leaders are guilty of The the refugees problem the Israelis won the 48’ war because they Israelis were right and more motivated were Arabs cannot be trusted, they are devious, Arabs violent and greedy violent Arabs started conflict by constantly Arabs harassing and hurting Jews harassing Ideal Solution: Arabs should join their Ideal brethren in 21 Arab States Realistic Solution: Arabs must recognize Israel, give up the right of return. Israel, Arabs Arabs Zionism disseminated the myth that Zionism Palestine belongs to them Palestine The Jews are the aggressors and the The Arabs are the Victims Arabs Zionism represents colonial culture and Zionism aims at uprooting Arabs aims The Harsh Israeli Policy is to Blame for the The tragedy of the Refugees tragedy Arabs lost the 48’ war because of Western Arabs treachery and disunity treachery Jews cannot be trusted. They are shrewd, Jews cruel and fanatical cruel Jews started conflict by taking Arab lands Jews and robbing their dignity and Ideal Solution: Jews must return to their Ideal countries of origin countries Realistic Solution: Israel must allow the Realistic right of return and pay reparations right ...
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