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Unformatted text preview: The PalestinianThe Israeli Conflict: Israeli The Issues The 2 Peoples – Peoples 1 Land Land Entitlements Historical Rights Justice Palestinian Refugees Palestinian Right of Return Right Reparations Admission of Guilt 1948 or 1967? Nominal versus Actual? Borders Borders 1947 UN Partition Plan 1948 Rhodes Cease-Fire Agreements 1967 ‘Green-Line’ (evacuating all territories) Improved ‘Green-Line’ (evacuating some Improved territories) territories) Land Swap Security Security Terminating Violence: occupation and terrorism De-militarized Palestine Certain de-militarized border areas UN buffer zones and observers Regional strategic alliance Israeli-Palestinian security cooperation Jerusalem Jerusalem One City, reunited, undivided One (shared Municipality) (shared One City, 2 Capitals Internationalization of the city Holy Places Holy In charge of the respective In municipal authority municipal In charge of the respective religious In authority authority Common Israeli-Palestinian Common committee committee In charge of an International body In Jewish Settlements Jewish Abolition of all settlements Creating several concentrated Creating blocs in less populated areas blocs Leave settlements intact but Leave under Palestinian sovereignty under Political Status Political Independent Palestinian State Independent State in the West Independent Bank only until Hamas caves Bank Confederation with Jordan Federation with Jordan, Israel Federation and Egypt and Normalization Normalization Full diplomatic relations Full Cultural, academic, tourist, sports interactions interactions Common planning and undertaking of Common regional initiatives regional Ending all incitement and propaganda in Ending education education Terminating economic boycott and Terminating establishing regular commerce and trade establishing Issues “On the Ground” Issues Water and Natural resources Archeology ‘Safe Passage’: West Bank-Gaza West Safe Free-Trade Zones The Wall, or the Fence The ...
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