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Palestine+under+Mandate - Palestine under the Mandate...

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Unformatted text preview: Palestine under the Mandate Palestine Diplomacy: April 1920 San Remo : Mandate announced Reality: Riots (Tel Hai, Nebi Mussa- 1920 Jaffa- 1921) Riots (Tel Diplomacy: June 1922 June 1922 White Paper (Economic Absorptive Capacity) 1922 Reality: Hagana is formed. Al-Husseini appointed Mufti of Hagana Jerusalem. Clashes continue. Jerusalem. Diplomacy: July 1922 League of Nations ratifies: Mandate begins A Pattern is Formed A Pattern is Formed A Situation Diplomatic Initiative (A Blunder) Reaction Diplomatic Remedy (another Blunder) Another reaction (angrier than before) World Economic Crisis of 1929 World Economic Crisis of 1929 3rd and 4th waves of Jewish Immigration (120,000 in number) August 1929: Riots in Jerusalem, Sefad and Hebron Hebron Massacre (60 Jews dead) Investigative Commission: a) Sir Walter Shaw (March 1930) b) Sir John Hope­Simpson (October 1930) The 1930 White Paper (Passfield) McDonald Letter­ February 1931 1932­1933 Riots in Jerusalem, Haifa, Galilee 1933: Hitler in Power. Persecution of Jews Fifth Wave of Jewish Immigration April 1936: The Arab High Committee April 1936: The Arab High Committee May 1936: The Arab Rebellion Begins July 1937: The Peel Commission THE CONFLICT IS SET ...
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