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THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT (History, 508:300, Middle Eastern Studies, 685:300) 563:300:01; MW5; Peleg Murray 213 Prof. Peleg Office: Room 109 Miller Hall 12 College Ave. New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Tel: 732-932-3572 Fax: 732-932-3052 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Wednesday, 12:30-1:30PM and by appointment Description: The most significant and ongoing phenomenon the Middle East still experiences is the Palestinian Israeli conflict, which has endured roughly a century. The state of Israel was practically born into it while the Palestinian national movement was spawned by it. This protracted conflict could have been called the Arab-Jewish, the Muslim-Jewish, the Arab-Zionist, the Palestinian-Israeli, or even a conflict between East and West. The various titles of the dispute reflect its multi-dimensional character and complex nature. The main reason the conflict lasts for so long and its diehard spirit is so recalcitrant to resolution is because so many sources nurture and sustain it from different directions at all times. This course attempts to shed some light on the various dimensions and meanings of the Middle East conflict. Accordingly, the premises, processes and prospects of the dispute will be presented and discussed. The chronology of events will be embedded in theoretical grounds: theories of
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The+Palestinian-Israeli+Conflict-1 - THE ARAB-ISRAELI...

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