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25+Final+Exam+Essay+Topics - For the FINAL EXAM Elizabethan...

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For the FINAL EXAM, Elizabethan Shakespeare Our final exam will be held on DECEMBER 20, 2010, from NOON-3, in our normal room in Scott . Please do not come late: you may miss vital instructions. Please be sure to bring extra pens or pencils, and a bag in which to put everything other than your writing utensils. Be sure to turn your cell phone off and put it away . All cell phones and other electronics may not be within sight during the exam. Graduating seniors and those with special needs (academic probation) will be graded first. If you are graduating or have special needs, please mark this on your blue book and place your exam in the specially marked box. Please note: For the exam, each question will be accompanied by a series of passages that you should draw from in answering the question. You may, of course, draw from other passages or moments in the play from your memory, but you will want to take advantage of the specific passages provided in the exam as well. The directions for
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