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TERMS for JACOBEAN SHAKESPEARE Figures of Speech: Allegory Chiasmus: ABBA; Golden Rule: “do undo others as you would have others do unto you” Irony Dramatic Irony Tragic Irony Metaphor: “Love is a rose,” or “The moon sleeps on the bank” Simile: “Love is like a rose” – a comparison which uses “like” or “as” Metonymy: “Change of Name”: “Crown” for power, “sheets” for sex Formal concepts: Morality Play Vice Figure Tragicomedy Aristotle, Poetics (ca. 350 BCE) Tragedy: “goat song,” perhaps from Goat-Satyr choric play Peripeteia, “abrupt change”; recognition (anagnorisis); “Tragic flaw” (hamartia) Catharsis Tragic protagonist is a scapegoat, Pharmakos , whose death or ejection from the social group somehow cleanses, rejuvenates, or creates ordered society. Three unities in Aristotle’s theory of tragedy: Verisimilitude (unity of action), unity of space (stay in one place), unity of time (tragedy takes not much longer than actual tragedy – 2 hours, or at most a day – never obeyed by Shakespeare. Globe Theatre Renaissance, Medieval James 1, 1603 Geneva Bible King James Bible (1611) Luke 6 Romans 13 Divine Right Lex talionis : Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. 1623 Folio of Shakespeare’s Dramatic Works Quarto Primogeniture: The right of the first born son to inherit all of the estate, to the exclusion of other children. The same custom that provided that first sons would inherit the throne from kings. 1
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ADDITIONAL NOTES TAKEN FROM SLIDES, with terms to know in bold: LEAR: Stanley Cavell, “The Avoidance of Love: A Reading of King Lear,” 1969; Disowning Knowledge . Seneca
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4.1+TERMS+for+JACOBEAN+Exam+1 - 1 TERMS for JACOBEAN...

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