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Paper Topics for Shakespeare: Measure for Measure and Othello Due February 17 PLEASE NOTE: THE MID-TERM is MARCH 1 Here is a set of topics for your first essay, which may be on one of these topics or on a subject of your own choosing. Please be sure to come talk with me should you decide to create your own topic. Your paper should have a strong thesis, a title, and should be 4 pages long (double-spaced). I’d suggest you try making profitable of some of the following research tools: Resources: 1. Primary sources such as the Bible, or in our handouts, or, from texts at the library or on library databases. You may also wish to consult G. Bullough, Narrative and Dramatic Sources of Shakespeare and other excellent source books that I have put on reserve in Alexander Library. 2. The Oxford English Dictionary (on- or offline) or concordances. The best Shakespeare concordance is the Harvard Concordance to Shakespeare . Concordances for major authors (or the Bible) can be located in the library simply by doing a “Keyword” search such as “Concordance and Shakespeare.” 3. A live or filmed performance. Some Topics: 1. Biblical Allusions in Measure for Measure. There are many ways to construct an argument on how Shakespeare’s biblical play subtly uses biblical allusions. The most central allusions are those loosely containing the title itself in Matthew 7.2, Mark 4.24, Luke 6:36ff, but also in Matthew 5:38, when the lex talionis of Exodus 21:24 (“an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”) is revoked. The central motif of the play, a Magistrate who acts as a “minister of God,” is Romans
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Jacobean+Paper+Topics - Paper Topics for Shakespeare:...

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