Coca Cola Project

Coca Cola Project - When looking into the sub-processes of...

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When looking into the sub-processes of the marketing and sales of The Coca-Cola Company, the most vital to the company are brand management and research and innovation. Most importantly, Coca-Cola should be interested in preventing as much risk related external failure rather than internal failure because external failures actually make it to the consumers and investors while internal issues they can be covered up discretely. Being the most common known brand in the world, the image that The Coca-Cola Company spreads needs to be as diverse and stable as possible. When creating advertisements, Coca-Cola needs to be sure not to create any images that could be discriminating or unethical to anyone. For example, when promoting their product in foreign countries, there needs to be extra research to ensure that material being used may not be offensive in any way. Losing sales in an entire country or region could decrease revenue immensely. Also, with the rise in internet media, there have been many fake Coca-Cola commercials made and posted to websites such as YouTube. Recently, Coke has publically refuted advertisements that were created to make fun of those with a hearing disability and Muslims. Both of these videos had the Coke logo and products which could be extremely misleading to customers around the world. It is Coca-Cola’s responsibility to take action to disprove these hoaxes and prove to their users that there brand does not approve of these unethical actions. Another important ethical issue when promoting brand management is having moral corporate values. Coca-Cola takes a large risk when endorsing celebrities. Wayne Rooney, a professional soccer player in London, was previously
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Coca Cola Project - When looking into the sub-processes of...

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