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M2 Progress Report – The Coca-Cola Company Current Assets The Coca-Cola Company consists of over 500 non-alcoholic brands that reach over 200 nations with their largest competitor being PepsiCo. Their overall strategy is differentiation. All of their brands compete at the highest quality level in each of their markets and their products span almost all types of beverages. Coca-Cola has several strategies which they incorporate to achieve maximum brand recognition. Some of these strategies include leveraging their brand name, having an efficient distribution system, and expanding their global reach. One strategic risk that Coca-Cola has been looking into is health awareness and promoting a healthy lifestyle to its consumers. Also, maintaining strong partnerships with their suppliers has been a key aspect
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Unformatted text preview: to their distribution efficiency which is a risky relationship because they are depending on others. The process we have chosen to discuss is the marketing and sales aspect of Coca-Cola. The two sub-processes that we will be looking at are brand management and research and innovation. We feel as if their main asset is brand recognition. Without their extensive marketing and sales of its numerous products, Coca-Cola would not be able to dominate the market as successfully as they do. Our main sources of information we plan to use are the company’s Annual Report and the company website in general. For further information, we plan to use online articles and reports to provide insight from other view points on the company’s strategies and processes....
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