Loblaw Write Up

Loblaw Write Up - Loblaw has a very direct business...

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Loblaw has a very direct business objective: to provide the best in one stop shopping for everyday needs. Some of the key areas they focus on are expansion, market share, competitive pricing, and labor. While focusing on strengthening these areas, Loblaw has been able to be the leading in the Canadian grocery store market. Overall they incorporate a hybrid strategy. They use differentiation because they strive be to innovative and ahead of the market yet the still have a wide range of products and banners to satisfy all ranges of customers. They use low cost because they need to have the most efficient and cheap supply chain as possible in order to have prices that compete with their numerous competitors. While looking into a PEST analysis of Loblaw’s threats, we were able to identifiable several issues they should be concerned with. Politically, Loblaw needs to mostly be aware of FDA regulations and border regulations on trade considering they probably import most of their products. As long as they keep up with these current regulations and make adjustments this
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Loblaw Write Up - Loblaw has a very direct business...

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