Reflection #2 - Jasmine Hill ACC 321 Reflection #2...

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Jasmine Hill ACC 321 Reflection #2 Throughout this accounting course this semester I think I have learned a lot about my work ethic. At first I was not impressed with my effort and performance in this course. After putting in the time and effort to perform at my best, I proved to myself that hard work could get me the results I wanted. Prior to this class most academic classes have been fairly easy so having a class that actually challenged me made me more proud of my accomplishments. By working hard in this course I have proved to myself that I will be able to succeed in roles that might not come naturally to me. Of the topics that we discussed this semester, the topic that interested me the most was the comparisons between IFRS and U.S. GAAP. Not only did I think it was interesting to see how international companies report their items but I also know it will be very useful to have some background information of IFRS before starting my career. I am anxious to see how the convergence between GAAP and IFRS will affect U.S. companies. After seeing examples of
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Reflection #2 - Jasmine Hill ACC 321 Reflection #2...

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