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5-26 reading - Jasmine Hill ATH 304 5/26 Reading Response...

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Jasmine Hill ATH 304 5/26 Reading Response When learning about the Native American casinos one of the first things I found interesting was that even though there are some casinos that rake in over $100 million, these amount only accounts for 5% of the population. When you look at various forms of media such as movies and local news I always feel as if Native American casinos are a huge source of income. From looking that these facts I have realized that casinos are not as big of a deal as the American media makes them. On top of that, the Native American casinos are really not on a rise so it seems like their expansion is not even something to be concerned about. It bothers me that no one gives Las Vegas casino owners as much of a hard time and they are making way more profits that the Native American casinos. To my surprise, after reading more information about gaming I do take the sides of the Native Americans.
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