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Jasmine Hill ATH 304 5/31 Reading Response In general, the fact that this article is discussing how Native American students should be taught differently made me feel like they were being discriminated against. In some ways people are always discussing how Native Americans should be treated differently and seen as separate from the United States but in today’s society I almost feel as if treating them as equals would be more beneficial. As we have discussed in class their culture has changed so if they are becoming more developed and adaptive to U.S. culture I think their children should be educated in the same way U.S. students are educated. I am sure part of the reason there is low amounts of Indian students in college is due to them not being able to perform well compared to U.S. standards. We do not consider a different curriculum for African Americans because of their ancestors’ oppression. I feel as if Native Americans on reservations want to be taught in a certain way they have the right to but outside of a reservation I feel as if every student should be treated equally.
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