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6-2 reading - part Asian or have issues which culture they...

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Jasmine Hill ATH 304 6/2 Reading Response After reading the article “The Urban Indian Identity Crisis” I tried to compare the Native American issues to other minorities. The one thing that seemed to be the most different was the original culture not letting you back in. I feel like a Hispanic American could move back to their native culture and be reaccepted even if they did have more mainstream/modern characteristics. For current immigrants I always picture them as coming for wealth and jobs but for some reason with Native Americans I also had always had that image of them abandoning their cultures. The only group of people that I can see have a very close similarity to Native Americans is the Amish. Other immigrants such as Asians and Hispanics come to the United States and definitely face huge stereotypes and struggles but I feel as if their struggles are more income based rather than identity based. It seems to me that there are rarely Asians who tried to hide their identity as
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Unformatted text preview: part Asian or have issues which culture they want to choose to practice. From what I have seen I feel like it is more black and white for larger groups of minorities whereas for Native Americans it is more grey. One thing that I am still having trouble grasping is the issues of alcoholism and suicide in Native Americans. The article talks about a “vortex” lifestyle and plenty of insecurities and issues related to Native Americans in particular but I personally feel as if these issues are solely related to poverty. When looking at any other groups throughout the United States who suffer from extreme poverty, you see these common characteristics as well. It is not that I do not see suicide and alcoholism as serious issues; I just think that social injustice is not to blame as much as poverty is. Question: Do you believe the BIA & U.S. government sees blood quantum as one last ditch effect to completely assimilate Native Americans?...
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