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Jasmine Hill ATH 304 6/7 Reading Response One issue that I continually have seen throughout this course is the lack of knowledge of Native American events. I had no idea that the Navajo mined uranium let alone had the biggest explosion in U.S. history. Like chapter 7 discussed, the fact that this explosion did not take place in Washington D.C. or New York is part of the reason we do not hear such stories. I just think it is so interesting that so many things in America’s history have been hardly acknowledged by the mass public. Another reoccurring issue discussed in this chapter was the compensation and money. Just like many other tribes, the Navajo have struggled to get their lawsuits settled and receive payments. I believe the reason that the courts are ignoring this issue is because it could be costly but I also think that reason that no one is really searching for a solution is because the Navajo themselves do not have enough money to make this a big deal.
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Unformatted text preview: Prior to the reading about the Inuit I had always seen them as the last “true” Native Americans. They were not as mixed into mainstream society as many other tribes and from what I had previously seen I felt as if they were very happy with their lifestyle. I was completely oblivious to the issue of toxins in their community. I had knowledge of the pollution in that part of the country but I had never sat back and thought about the people who actually live off of the land. I had thought of the animals themselves but not those who survive off of the animals. As compared to other Native American tribes, the Inuit may be force to change their lifestyle due to the environment not due to assimilation to mainstream society. Either way, if things do not change, the Inuit could soon become another Native American tribe to become extinct. Question: Does lack of concern for these relate to the lack of media attention available to Native Americans?...
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