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Jasmine Hill ATH 304 6/9 Reading Response When discussing Fadden and the Mohawk revitalization I could not help but think of the importance of Native Americans receiving a college education. Because Fadden was well educated he was able to not only represent but create respect for his tribe. With Native American tribes being so small, it is true that one person can change the fate of a whole nation. I believe when it comes to every culture or religion there are lots of traditions and practices that seem ridiculous to outsiders but it truly takes an insider perspective to make them meaningful. The issue that Native Americans have is there are not enough scholars to spread their word or provide explanations for the stereotypes we have today. One part I found sad was that he said he feared for his grandchildren. In all actually most Native Americans will not grow up on the reservations therefore they will be raised in a society
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Unformatted text preview: plagued with these stereotypes. If no one is there to explain these traditions then what will there be to pass on. I almost saw this as an anti-Ishi effect. Fadden is forcing his knowledge on others so that way he and his generation will not be the ones left solely with this pressure. I think the Indian Travelling College is a great idea. Most people will not go out of their way to learn another culture so why not go to them. I believe that Native Americans could not be portraying themselves in a better way than putting their culture out there for others to learn. Native Americans biggest obstacle is acceptance. Once they can get others to accept them as the human beings that they are then I believe they will truly be able to live peacefully in the current American society. Question: Besides travelling around and speaking, what are other possible ways Native Americans could spread their stories?...
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