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6-14 - that has their stereotypes plastered all over...

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Jasmine Hill ATH 304 6/14 Reading Response Being that the Miami mascot used to be the Redskins, I am very interested in the mascot controversy. I definitely can see where the term “Redskin” can be seen as a racial slur. Just ask much as being make fun of African Americans for having such dark skin, the term “Redskin” is mocking Native Americans for having a skin color between white and black. Besides Redskin the other names themselves are necessarily bad it is more the physical appearance of the mascots and how they represent the names. One thing I had never really tried to picture in depth was how these names dehumanize the Native Americans. You do not hear team mascots being called the Crackers or Whiteys. Before reading this article I had always thought that changing mascot names seemed ridiculous and unnecessary, but then I realized that there really is no other minority, or race for that matter,
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Unformatted text preview: that has their stereotypes plastered all over national sports teams. That being said, for teams such as the Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves, it seems a little unreasonable for them to have to change their name. These cities have built up huge franchises off of these teams and changing the name could extremely hurt their fan base. To solve this issue I feel like those teams that have offensive names should put a lot of funds towards Native American activism. They do not need to completely change their image but these teams could definitely modify how their mascots are portrayed to make them more honorable than shameful. Question: Can some of the mascots be a sign of honor for Native Americans or are they all offensive?...
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