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Jasmine Hill ATH 304 6/16 Reading Response As we discussed in class recently, humor is part of a language and culture. Humor is not something that you can be taught from a textbook. Humor needs to be physically observed and mimicked. When the article discussed how Native Americans use humor as a defense mechanism I did not see this as different from anyone else who uses humor. When you look at most popular comedies they usually had rough childhoods or are suffering from low insecurities. I personally found a lot of the Native American jokes to be funny. I think that it is good for Native Americans to be able to poke fun at their situation and those living in mainstream society. Comedy has provided Native Americans with a way of expressing their oppression that
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Unformatted text preview: is acceptable by society. When the comedians poke at the ignorance of Americans they take it to the extreme situations but that is why it is so funny. I can only hope that other people outside of Native Americans can get the irony of the jokes and realize that as they might be funny they really are speaking of a serious and unglamorous situation. As much as the humor may hurt the actual people telling the jokes, I think that comedy provides a great form of media to get into mainstream society. Question: If we are able to joke about Native Americans does this mean that the oppression of Native Americans is on a decline?...
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