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Jasmine Hill ATH 304 6/23 Reading Response One thing I find interesting about the study of Native American cultures is that even though they technically are citizens of the United States, their culture has such a different background. It is so interesting that you can go on a Cherokee reservation and then go to a Navajo reservation and find completely different stories and traditions. I think this is a distinguishing trait for Native Americans. If you look at Hispanics living in California versus Hispanics living in Ohio you would find very similar characteristics and values. However with Native Americans you could literally walk from one tribe to the next and be in a completely
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Unformatted text preview: different tradition. When it comes to the issue of having native ethnographies I do not necessarily believe they are better than research done by non-natives. By having someone outside of the Native American culture examine their lifestyle it is a more subjective analysis whereas someone who is native may feel the need to justify all of their actions. I do believe that stories are best told from a native but I think that actually research should be done by someone from an outside perspective. Question: Is it more beneficial to have an outsider perform research on Native American tribes or is it better to get the inside perspective?...
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