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Practice - reservations If the United States had originally...

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Jasmine Hill ATH 304 Practice Turn-It-In Document The current event I chose to look at was from a recent article in the New York Times that discussed several tribes in New York (The Seneca Nation being the most effected) that were recently involved in a court case where they are now being forced to pay state sales taxes on tobacco. The Seneca have nearly 172 tobacco retailers that sell to those outside of the tribe. New York has now received a ruling to be able to retrieve tax revenue from any sale of the $4.35 packs of cigarettes to outsiders. From my understanding, according to prior treaties, the United States should not be able to collect any taxes from Native Americans on reservations. From what it looks like, the state of New York sees the threat of non-Native Americans avoiding tax obligations by going onto
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Unformatted text preview: reservations. If the United States had originally seen Native American reservations as a benefit or competition to society, I believe there would be a more mutually beneficial system in place. I feel that reservations themselves are proof that the United States view Native Americans as insignificant. The fact that it took the increased profits of one nation to make the United States interested in what was happening on reservations proves the greediness of the U.S. This article shows to me that the United States sees the Native Americans almost as puppets that we can play with and make do anything we please. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/10/nyregion/ruling-clears-new-york-to-tax-tribes-cigarette-sales.html?_r=1&ref=indiansamerican...
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