Lecture#15 - Metamorphism + Deformation = foliation 3....

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Lecture#15 10/20/08 1. Define foliation. 2. How does foliation form during regional metamorphism (deformation+metamorphism)? 3. What factors determine which metamorphic rock forms? 4. Name and describe the foliated metamorphic rocks and their foliations. 5. Describe how a fine grained preexisting rock (like a shale) could become any one of the foliated metamorphic rocks. 6. What happens to a plutonic igneous rock during regional metamorphism? 7. Name and describe the nonfoliated metamorphic rocks. What preexisting rocks did they form from? 8. Describe contact metamorphism and the rocks produced by it. 9. Describe dynamic metamorphism and the rock produced by it. Describe the importance of the rock cycle. Exam#2 Wednesday 1. Foliation- the parallel alignment of flat and/or elongate minerals or the separation of light and dark colored minerals into layers (not random) 2. Regionally metamorphosed rocks undergo deformation, the rocks get shortened and stretched
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Unformatted text preview: Metamorphism + Deformation = foliation 3. Parent rock, conditions of regionally metamorphism (pressure/temp), type of metamorphism 4. Foliated Metamorphic Rocks Start with shale/mudstone 200°C______________________________________________800°C 2 Kb 8 Kb slate slaty cleavage schist shistosity gneiss gneissic layering 5. shale could become anyone of the foliated met. Rock depending on the temperature and pressure it experiences 6. it becomes a gneiss 7. Non Foliated Parent rock: Metamorphic Rock: Limestone marble Sandstone quartzite 8. contact metamorphism- heat of magma entering country rock, forming a pluton, heats the country rock which undergoes contact metamorphism limestone marble quartz sandstone quartzite shale hornfels 9. dynamic metamorphism- occurs at fault zones rock is stretched out anyparent rock = mylonite 10. rock cycle is important because it recycles rocks...
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Lecture#15 - Metamorphism + Deformation = foliation 3....

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