Lecture#17 - Unconformity an erosion surface former land...

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Lecture#17 10/27/08 1. Describe the following principles of relative time: a. e) fossil succession. 2. Who is William Smith? 3. What is an unconformity? 4. Describe the following: a) angular unconformity b) disconformity c) nonconformity 5. Describe the early attempt to develop a geologic time scale. 6. What was a fundamental error in this early attempt? 7. Who are Murchison and Sedgwick? 8. List the Periods of the geologic time scale and describe how each Period was named. (to be continued) Principle of Fossil Succession -orderly, systematic layering -only certain fossil appear in certain layers William Smith- early 1800s, egineer: director of building canals in Southern England, collected and studied fossils found while digging canals, could predict what fossils would be found in future layers of limestone, he took awhile to get credit.
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Unformatted text preview: Unconformity- an erosion surface, former land surface Angular unconformity Disconformity Nonconformity Early attempt: not successful, no state of knowledge Youngest: Tertiary layer rocks , break easily, LOTS of fossils that are recognized today Secondary layered rocks, lithified, fossils (not recognized today), tilted Oldest: Primary coarse grained rock, hard, no fossils, igneous rock Murchison and Sedgwick are famous geologist who named different periods of the geologic time scale, specifically the Orodivican, Silurian, Cambrian Permian: Perm provence of Russia, new red sandstone Carboniferous: coal measures, rock made of coal Devonian: Devonshire, Great Britian, old red sandstone Silurian: ancient tribe in South Wales Ordovician: ancient tribe in Central Wales Cambrian: Roman name for Wales...
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Lecture#17 - Unconformity an erosion surface former land...

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