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Lecture#18 10/29/08 1. List the Periods of the geologic time scale and describe how each Period was named. - 2. Describe the Geologic Eras. Who named them? What do the names mean? 3. What is an Epoch? 4. What are the Epochs of the Quaternary Period? 5. What is the Precambrian? 6. Give the absolute ages for the age of the Earth; beginning and end of the Paleozoic Era; the beginning and end of the Mesozoic Era; the beginning of the Cenozoic Era; the beginning and end of the Pleistocene Epoch. 7. Relate the following events in the fossil record to the Geologic Timescale; a. appearance of first shells; first fish; first land plants; first insects and spiders; first amphibians; first reptiles; first dinosaurs; first mammals; first
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Unformatted text preview: birds; extinction of the dinosaurs; first hominids; first hominids with tools; earliest homo sapiens. 8. What is a mass extinction? What roll do they have in the development of the Geologic Timescale? 9. When did the second largest mass extinction in the fossil record occur? 10. What major animal group went extinct at that time? 11. What is the probable cause of that mass extinction? What is the evidence for that cause? 12. When was the largest mass extinction in the fossil record? 13. What is absolute geologic time? 14. Define the following: radioactive decay; atom; isotope; atomic number; atomic mass number....
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