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Intermediate Corporate Finance FIN 302 Dr. Kelly R. Brunarski Spring Semester, 2011 Office: 3123 FSB Office Phone: 529-1564 Office Hours: 1-3:30 Wednesday & by appointment Email: [email protected] Text: Principles of Corporate Finance by Brealey, Myers and Allen (10th ed.) Objectives: 1) To discuss risk and how it is priced for both financial and real assets 2) To provide students with techniques to make decisions involving advanced capital budgeting scenarios including: a. Recognition of appropriate cash flows to discount b. Assessment of project risk and its use in project valuations c. Mutually exclusive projects with unequal lives d. Sensitivity analysis and Monte-Carlo simulations e. Real Options 3) To discuss methods of effective corporate governance. 4) To discuss methods of executive compensation and the risk-taking incentives they can create 5) To understand reasons underlying the choice of debt versus equity in the firm’s capital structure. 6) To investigate the relationship between the capital structure decision and the cost of capital 7) To examine the reasons that firms disburse cash to stockholders, methods of cash disbursement to stockholders, and the implications of the payout decisions for the both the firm and the investor 8) To discuss methods to obtain capital, and how and why firms should issue various types of debt and equity instruments Graded Materials and Final Grade Determination: There will be three exams; two non-comprehensive midterms and a comprehensive final. The exams will be closed-book. Formula sheets will be provided for both midterms. You are permitted to bring one 8.5” x 11” sheet of notes – both sides - containing anything you want for the final exam only . Extra credit may be available through out the semester, and any extra credit points will be added to a designated exam score. Your final grade will be determined as follows: In-class exercises 10% (unannounced – may be group or individual) Midterm I 20% or 30%* Tuesday, February 22 Midterm II 20% or 30%* Thursday, March 31st Final Exam 40% See the final exam schedule for your section *Your highest midterm score (including any extra credit) will be weighted 30%. Attendance: As registration in both sections is at room capacity, you must attend the section in which you are registered to ensure available seating . If you attend a different section without permission, you 1
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will not receive in-class exercise credit or extra credit points offered during that class session. Missed exams may be made-up only if you provide documentation of one of the following: 1) Death in the family 2) Illness 3) Out-of-town interview Ample class time is provided to fill-in the blanks in the notes, from the slides. If you wish to take notes in excess of the text provided on the slides and find that you are unable to keep up with the pace of the lecture, I strongly recommend that you tape record the lectures. Lecture will not be repeated during office hours or after class for students who miss class or are attempting to transcribe lectures well in excess of that included in the slides.
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Syllabus_spr2011_withlecturenotes-1 - Intermediate...

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