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LAI out line

LAI out line - Rebecca Densen LAI 350 Final Project Outline...

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Rebecca Densen LAI 350 Final Project Outline Due: 11/14/11 I. Research Topic Statement: This project will demonstrate how a student having non-academic sites like Facebook opened during class or while doing schoolwork is harmful. I will disprove the belief that students can do this because they are better at multitasking and show it is more of a distraction than anything. I will use the review of the literature to help me show having non-academic sites opened during academic work does more harm than good. I will specifically look at higher education, Colleges and University students. I will also give examples of ways I think it is possible to keep a student focused and off these sites during class. II. Arrangement of Research Project Introduction -I will begin by introducing my topic, discuss my goal of proving non-academic sites are a distraction and multitasking with them is ineffective and not efficient. I will also be defining the key elements of it. I will define important key words as they relate to my research; some of the terms are, multitasking, distraction, non-academic websites, “Net- Generation,” and much more. Research Questions - I will present the questions I was seeking an answer to through this literature. I will use that to support my projects’ topic, and the belief that multitasking while doing schoolwork especially on the Internet is more distracting than it is productive. Some of my questions would include: o What is multitasking? A distraction? o What is considered quality work? Can it be achieved through multitasking? o Is multitasking effective? Is it efficient? o Do students multitask during academic activities? With what? If the Internet (in class), what are the most frequent sites? o Why do students do this? o Does it affect their grades? How? o Is it having the laptop in class or the multitasking that affect the student? o What is the teacher’s opinion on this? There are more, that I will present as well to show what mind set I went into while researching. Review of Literature - I will present my research next. I will show in most detail my three sources, and anything else I use I will present afterwards as some extra insight into this topic. I will briefly display the credibility of my sources, and who they are in the field of technology or
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education. I will also show their key findings. I will specifically look at anything they discuss about non-academic sites, multitasking, distractions
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LAI out line - Rebecca Densen LAI 350 Final Project Outline...

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