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bfa letter of intent

bfa letter of intent - Rebecca Densen BFA Letter of Intent...

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Rebecca Densen BFA Letter of Intent I am a freshman dance major at University at Buffalo, and am interested in obtaining a BFA in dance. I have various reasons for pursuing this degree. One is the fact that it will require me to take more dance classes and will require me to audition for the companies the department offers. By pushing me to do this it will prevent me from getting too nervous to audition. Along with the additional classes a BFA will allow me to take are the various choreography classes that I am very much interested in. I also want this degree because of the way it will look on a resume for jobs after school. It will add an appearance of a higher degree of difficulty than a BA. This degree will also allow me to take other professions in the dance community once my body can not dance anymore, for example, becoming an artistic director or a dance critic or something of that sort. Professions like this may not be open to me once I have finished performing if I fail to obtain a degree.
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