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Chapter Notes - Psych Exam 2 Chapter 4 Social Perception -...

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Psych Exam 2 Chapter 4 Social Perception - The study of how we from impressions of and make inferences about other people. o Encode—express nonverbal behavrio o Decode—interpret the meaning of the nonverbal behavior o Affect blend—part of the face registers one emotion, another part a different emotion o Display rules—culturally determined rules about which nonverbal behaviors are appropriate to display. o Emblems—non verbal gestures that have well-understood definitions within a given culture. OK. - Implicit Personality Theory : a type of schema used to group various kinds of personality traits together. o If someone is kind, they’re probably also generous. - Attribution Theory : how people explain the causes of their own and other people’s behavior. o Internal Attribution = the inference that a person is behaving a certain way because of something about the person, such as an attitude, character, or personality. o External Attribution = “ something about the situation he/she is in; the assumption is that most people would respond the same way in that situation. - Covariation Model : to form an attribution about what caused a person’s behavior, we note the pattern between possible casual factors and whether or not the behavior occurs. o Consensus information : how other people behave toward the same stimulus. Does everybody yell at Hannah? o Distinctiveness information : how the actor responds to other stimuli. Yells at other employees? o Consistency information : frequency with which the observed behavior between the same actor and stimuli occurs. Yell at Hannah regularly? -
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Chapter Notes - Psych Exam 2 Chapter 4 Social Perception -...

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