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Exam 3 Psych Notes - Exam 3 Notes Chapter 9 - - Group=...

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Exam 3 Notes Chapter 9 - Group = three or more people who interact and are interdependent in the sense that their needs and goals cause them to influence each other. - Social roles = shared expectations in a group about how particular people are supposed to behave. - Group cohesiveness = qualities of a group that bind members together and promote liking between members. - Social facilitation = tendency for people to do better on simple tasks and worse on complex tasks when they are in the presence of others and their individual performance can be evaluated. - Social Loafing = tendency for people to relax when they are with others and their individual performance can’t be evaluated. o Do better on complex tasks but worse on simple ones. Merge into group. - Deindividuation = loosening of moral constraints when people can’t be identified. - Process loss = any aspect of group interaction that inhibits good problem solving. o Group doesn’t listen to most competent person. - Transactive memory = the combined memory of two people that is more efficient than the memory of either individual. o Specialize memories( names vs. dates) - Groupthink = type of thinking in which maintaining group cohesiveness is more important than considering facts in a cohesive manner. - Group polarization = tendency for groups to make decisions that are more extreme than the inclinations of its members. - Great person theory = idea that a personality trait makes a persona good leader, regardless of the situation. o Transactional leaders = leaders who set clear, short-term goals and reward people who meet them o Transformational leader = inspire followers to focus on common, long-term goals o Contingency Theory of Leadership
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Exam 3 Psych Notes - Exam 3 Notes Chapter 9 - - Group=...

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