NaturalHazards - Magnitude, Frequency, & Impact Risk...

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Subject: Environmental Geology Session: Chapter 5: Introduction to Natural Hazards at 10:21 AM Natural Hazards - The Questions? Are natural events causing great loss of life or property damage? • Are dangerous natural processes, including earthquakes, floods, volcanic activities, landslide and storms understood today? • Do impact risks-depending on the nature of hazards-have spatial and temporal relations to human environment? How understood are these? Magnitude - intensity of a natural hazard in terms of amount of energy released • Frequency - recurrence interval of a disastrous even • More damages are associated with hazards of moderate frequency and magnitudes • 100 Year Flood = 1/100 chance of there being a flood
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Unformatted text preview: Magnitude, Frequency, & Impact Risk Relations Magnitude/Frequency - largely controlled by natural factors - no anthropogenic control impact of risk - controlled by both natural/human factors low-magnitude and high-frequency hazards not always destructive - high magnitude almost certainly catastrophic most impact risks from natural processes are of moderate magnitude and moderate frequency - grown complacent with these Mixed Blessings Not all hazardous processes exert harmful or deadly consequences floods - supply nutrients to soil, flush away pollutants, change local landscape, BUT cause death and do damage to property Catastrophic Potential of Hazards catastrophe - disastrous situations that require a long process to recover from grave damages - 150...
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NaturalHazards - Magnitude, Frequency, & Impact Risk...

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