Soils - • removal of chemicals, particulates, organic...

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Subject: Physical Geography Session: Chapter 12 - Soils at 05:08 PM Soil combination of mineral and organic matter, water, and air • portion of the regolith (weather rock and mineral) that supports growth of plants • zone of plant growth • averge depth - 6 inches • mixture - minerals, decaying organic matter, living organisms, gases, liquid solutions • 25% air, 25% water, 5% organic matter, 45% mineral matter • Regolith • broken and partly decomposed rock particles, covers bedrock ---- soil included in it Soil Profile soil layers - hoizons • soil profile - horizons taken together, surface to bedrock compiled • horizon development processes • transformation - enrichment of soil by adding chemicals, particulates, organic matter
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Unformatted text preview: • removal of chemicals, particulates, organic matter to surface • removal (leaching) of chemicals down • transfer - translocation of chemicals up and down soil • eluviation- downward transport of fine soil particles, removing them from upper soil horizon • illuviation - accumulation in a lower soil horizon of materials eluviate from higher horizons • O - loose leaves, organic debris, partially to not decomposed • A - dark-colored horizon, mixed mineral/organic matter, much biological activity • E horizon - horizon formed by removal of clay, etc • B horizon - horizon formed by accumulation of materials • C - weathered parent material • R - consolidated bedrock Factors of Soil Formation...
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Soils - • removal of chemicals, particulates, organic...

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